Aye Kari Soe

Meet Aye Kari Soe

Aye Kari Soe is a YWCA Member and inspiring woman who is partnered with YWCA Netherlands on her project, Fembitious!


Aye Kari Soe is a Human Rights Commission Member at The World Innovation Alliance where she works to bring together companies and institutions to find solutions to problems affecting people in healthcare, environment, poverty, human rights, and education. She has been the Voice of Sustainable Development Goals with Global Goals since 2020 for The Netherlands. She is also currently a coordinator and representative of the Netherlands to Team 54 Project International where she advocates for climate action. In her free time, she is very involved in politics and international law and participates in many political youth movements.


Aye Kari Soe founded Fembitious in January of 2021 and has been working very hard with YWCA to keep it thriving ever since. Fembitious is an organization to bring together women to learn about the financial field. Currently, Fembitious has worked this year in-depth partnered with YWCA Netherlands, with a group of women on empowerment through actions such as education about the stock market, monthly masterclasses, networking events, and more. Fembitious brings in experts in the field from members of the United Nations to discuss the future of the stock market to the CEOs to discuss their hedge funds. This past summer, they even used the money they had collected to invest in the stock market. With this, they currently are profiting off of their stocks in more than 10 companies.


Aye Kari Soe met the current president of YWCA Netherlands, Jeannette van Dongen, through a mutual colleague and they share an interest of female empowerment. They worked together to create Fembitious. Soe herself did not have any financial background nor was she ever really interested in it. Yet, after realizing how little she and other women know about aspects of the financial field, she decided to learn more. Within this, she has learned how control over finances and the understanding of how they work is a large aspect of empowerment and influence.

Future Steps

In the future, Soe wants to take the organization to the next level starting with the creation of a hedge fund. She further wants to focus on a financial sense beyond just women empowerment- looking into a range of realms. Finally, she hopes to eventually expand Fembitious internationally to areas such as Japan, Korea, and America to create a more global community- somewhat similar to the World Wide YWCA.

Talking to Aye Kari Soe

When it comes to working with YWCA Netherlands, Aye Kari Soe spoke of an amazing year. “I adore YWCA and Fembitious because of how supportive everyone is”. She described how she began this project with limited knowledge, but yet still had total trust and support from all of the women at YWCA. Furthermore, she mentioned how understanding and kind all of the members were in her experience learning how to run Fembitious: “YWCA is a community of support, which is so beautiful”. Soe overall spoke highly of the organization and how she believes that women joining each other is something magical. She is hoping to get more involved with the networking and international side of the YWCA Netherlands and is looking forward to this new year.

"I adore YWCA and Fembitious because of how supportive everyone is."
Aye Kari Soe